Dragonfly Parties
Dragonfly Parties

The Team

We can provide costumed party hosts, face painters and balloon artists for your next event!

  • What we offer

    Fully insured, we offer high quality and professional entertainment!

    No matter what your event, we have entertainment, hosts and themes for both boys and girls so we can help create a fun (and more importantly a stress free) event just for you!

    We can provide entertainment for children aged from 1+ and we have a range of packages to suit every budget!

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    icon-balloonsWe can provide you with entertainers for:

    • Birthday Parties;
    • Christenings;
    • Weddings
    • End of year sporting Parties/Celebrations
    • Fetes/Carnivals.
    • See our Party Themes >

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    Personalised Birthday Video!

    Register for a character video message on your child's birthday!
  • Why Choose Us

    As a mother of small children I understand what parties are really like for the parents throwing them (and for all us parents attending them!)

    It is a far less social experience for parents than I was expecting!!

    A Boutique small business, we are a team rather than individual contractors! We’re more than “just entertainment”. We are your sanity! (social life?/cup of tea?)

    Calling us means:

    1) you get to throw a party for your beloved little one AND have a conversation with a friend OR get to know the other parents in your child’s class! and

    2) you and your guests don’t have to chase your little ones around while having half a conversation and leaving more exhausted than when you arrived! (All parents really are superheroes aren’t they?!)

    Let us help you & and your guests relax for your next party or event!

    Brinie xx

    I think the feedback from parent’s sums us up perfectly:

    “Thank you very much we were all happy and so were many of the parents. It gave them some time to sit and relax with the others. Thanks again will definitely recommend you to friends and family. “
    – Renae’s 3rd Birthday Party

    “Lots of the kindy kids had 3 birthday parties this weekend ours being the last of course so some of the parents were a bit burnt out. But with Kelly here they just loved sitting on the back deck with some nibbles and a drink. They said it’s the most they have relaxed all weekend.”
    Claire’s 6th Birthday Party


  • Meet the Dragonfly Team

    We don’t send out just anyone to your party!

    I am so grateful to have found a team who cares about my business as much as I do.

    Each team member spends many (many) hours working & training with us before they come out to your party. All our team members have a background in either Performing Arts, or working with children, and LOVE to have fun!

    We all work really hard to make sure that our party content is fresh and will keep the children engaged!

    “I love the atmosphere of the party once we have arrived and started. I love looking around and seeing every child with a smile on their face – the fact that we are the reason for that is incredible!!”

    — Marni
  • Glitter Tattoos

    Face Painting is SO 2016! We have heard your requests for something new and exciting and we believe we have found it!

    We believe there is no substitute for quality when it comes to your children. We use only the very best Glitters and Adhesives on your children’s skin.

    We have tested these babies out on ourselves, our families and our children and we can tell you:
    * They are GORGEOUS! Boys, girls and adults really enjoy these tattoos.
    * They do come off the same day (if your child will allow it……) Simply wipe with a bit of baby or vegetable oil; otherwise
    * They can last through numerous baths (just make sure you pat dry).

    (We have also noticed that swimming at the beach or in chlorinated pools does tend to remove them quite quickly too.)

    We take great pride in everything we offer and live to see that look of excitement on your child’s face with this delightful new addition to our packages!

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  • FAQs

    What happens if it rains on the day of our party?
    Have all the hosts had working with children checks?
    Are all the parties suitable for boys?
    What exactly is provided?
    What does a party host/entertainer do?


    How do I pay for the party?
    What happens if I need to cancel?
    What if my child would like a character that isn't listed on your site?
    Is the birthday child included in the number of party guests?
    What days are you available for parties?
    Can I download your Terms & Conditions?


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